Embracing California’s Cannabis Culture

California, affectionately referred to as the Green State, has always been at the helm of marijuana reform across the United States. The cultivation, sale, and consumption of marijuana have been legal in the state since 2016 through Prop 64 (AUMA) Act, and retail sales have been available since 2018. As a company, Cannabis 21 Plus has made it our mission to advocate responsible use and provide people with accurate information about marijuana usage and laws.

Your Guide to Responsible Consumption

From sunny San Diego up to the foggy coasts of San Francisco, every part of California has embraced the freedom that marijuana legalization brought. Whether you are a resident or just visiting the state, you have the amazing opportunity of exploring this blooming industry, and we at Cannabis 21 Plus, urge you to do so responsibly. Remember, although recreational marijuana use has been legalized, there are still regulations you need to follow. Users must be 21 years or older to consume or possess marijuana, and carrying more than an ounce (28.5 grams) of weed is a criminal offense.

Deepening Your Knowledge On California’s Pot Laws

Ignorance is never a valid excuse under any law. In order to avoid problems with the law, make sure you are well informed about the specifics of California’s marijuana laws. It’s also important to note, while marijuana is legal for recreational use in the state, it remains illegal under federal law. Different communities may also have their own specific regulations and bans. Be sure to research local laws and stay informed to ensure you are not unknowingly breaking any rules. Being aware and informed ensures a safe and enjoyable experience for all marijuana users.

Laws and regulations surrounding marijuana are complex and constantly evolving, so use reliable sources like Cannabis 21 Plus to keep you informed.