About Core Progression Personal Training North Austin

Core Progression Personal Training North Austin is more than just a fitness company; it is a community committed to empowering individuals towards achieving their personal health goals. Founded on the belief that personal training should not just be for the elites, but everyone who wishes to maintain an active, healthy lifestyle.

A Performance niche

Specializing in combining cutting-edge techniques with a welcoming environment, Core Progression offers an unwavering commitment to individual success. Programs are uniquely tailored to the needs of each client, adhering to the principles of testament, innovation, and expert knowledge in fitness and wellness.
Whether you’re after weight loss, injury rehabilitation, or sports-specific training, you’ll receive care from highly qualified, professional trainers.

More than a Fitness Centre

The Core Progression family doesn’t just provide you with a regular gym experience, but rather a holistic approach to health and wellness including specialized equipment, advanced nutritional guidance, massage therapy and chiropractic services. Together, we work towards achieving your fitness goals – at your pace, and for your success.