It’s Time for a ‘Good Day’ at our Wacky Weed Wonderland!

Oh, you think you know Dispensaries? Well, make way for the sunrise of a new era, because Good Day Farm Dispensary is here to show you what a truly ‘Good Day’ looks and feels like!

Meet the crazy crew from Arkansas, Missouri, and Mississippi, who redefine what it means to have fun!

These merry miscreants are smudging out the bluffs about the stuff. They will turn your preconceived notions on their leafy head! With their well-cultivated, and meticulously nurtured yield, these fun-loving farm folks are changing the game.

Imagine waking up and saying, “Today’s the day. Today, I’m going to learn more about my favorite leaf. Today, I’m going to have a ‘Good Day'”. So, come down and learn a thing or two from our dispensary dynamos.

With store locations available throughout Arkansas, Missouri, and Mississippi, we’re redefining the conversation, one chirpy chirp at a time. So bolt your doors, dot your i’s and get ready for the ultimate Good Day Farm Dispensary experience. After all, isn’t it high time you have a ‘Good Day’?