How HerbNJoy is Making Cannabis Dispensaries More Accessible

These days, marijuana shops and dispensaries are more accessible than ever before. But for many customers, these stores still present challenges when it comes to accessibility. HerbNJoy is working to change that.

HerbNJoy is a cannabis dispensary based in Beverly Hills, California. The company is committed to making its stores and products more accessible to all. The store has implemented a variety of tools to make it easier for customers with disabilities to access and purchase cannabis products.

One of the tools that HerbNJoy has implemented is an increase text feature. This feature allows customers to adjust the font size of the website to easily read and understand information about products. HerbNJoy also has a grayscale and high-contrast feature, which makes it easier for customers with low vision to read the information on the website.

HerbNJoy has also included a negative contrast feature to the website. This makes it easier for customers with low vision to scan the page and find the information that they need. The website also has a light background to help customers with low vision find what they need more easily. Links on the website are also underlined to make them easier to find and read.

Finally, HerbNJoy has implemented a readable font feature. This ensures that customers can read the text on the website with ease. The store also has a reset feature, which allows customers to easily reset their settings to their original preferences.

HerbNJoy is committed to making its products and services more accessible to customers with disabilities. By implementing these accessible tools, the store is making its services more accessible and easier to use.

If you’re looking for cannabis products in the Los Angeles area, be sure to check out HerbNJoy. Their accessible tools make it easy for customers with disabilities to find and purchase the products that they need. Visit their website to learn more.