Pressure Test Hose

FULUN® Pressure Test Hose And Assembly

Temperature and Pressure:

Test pressure hose is applied in micro hydraulic stystem and testing pressure in hydraulic system. It's specification includes, light weight, wear resistance, strong inpact resistamce, good flexibility, friendly use, and so on.

Fluid service: mineral oil, water-glycol, alcohol, gasoline, water-oil emuisions, gas, etc.

pressure test hose

Technical Information

pressure test hose
ptfe hose

Test Kit

pressure test hose

FULUN® offers:

§  a large inventory for fast delivery - standard assemblies in stock.
§  Competitive prices backed with fast, knowledgeable service.
§  FULUN® also features other paint transfer hoses with lower working pressures to satisfy your paint spray needs. These hoses offer the best quality at affordable prices to ensure a long, useful product life and performance that speaks for itself.

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