Teflon hot melt heated Hose

FULUN® Teflon hot melt heated Hose:

§  Color: black
§  Walter soft hose properties:
§  Adopts imported Teflon hose core, high temperature resistant anti carbonization and has good flexibility, anti adhesive;
§  It adopts high quality carbon fiber heating wire (heating wire break), to ensure the excellent quality of the folded rubber hose;
§  Adopts high quality high-temperature transmission line, with insulation, good stability;
§  Adopts high quality heat exchanger (optional PT100 and NI120), to ensure uniform thermal conductivity;
§  Adopts high-quality imported insulation materials, thermal insulation, heat insulation, ensure excellent flame retardant properties;
§  Adopts automation processing technology innovation, to ensure the excellent quality of the glue dispensing hose flexible folding.

hot melt hose


§  Ordinal name - model, specification, parameter, value, unit
§   WH- "rubber hose models, 4 to 40 ft (1.2M to 12.2M) ft."
§   internal core Teflon hose core
§   air socket - cable connector type, as shown in the standard, may be required to support other cable joints
§   maximum hydraulic 1500 lb (10.30 MPa) MPa
§   temperature control range of 0 to 240 DEG C (0 to 460 degrees Fahrenheit)
§   temperature range of 0 ~ 50 DEG C (0 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit)
§   temperature sensor type, standard PT100, optional NI120 and thermocouple class
§   material insulation, heat insulation, flame retardant, high temperature resistance, wear-resistant
§   power requirements 220V/50HZ V/HZ
§   maximum power consumption 150W to 1300W WATT

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