High Pressure Cleaning/Washer Hose

FULUN®  High Pressure Cleaning/Washer Hose And Assembly

Cleaning hose is use on electric washer,gasoline or diesel washer,large industrial washer,high pressure sewer jetting equipment.

Construction and performance:

Tube:    Seamless nylon Liner
Reinforcement:    One or two wire braids
Cover:     Abrasion and chemical resistant polyurethane cover
Temperature:     -40° F / +140° F, Intermittent use up to 176° F

cleaning hose
Cleaning hose

FULUN® Cleaning/Washer Hose key features:

§  Seamless nylon inner core compatible with most paints, coatings and solvents.
§  Polyurethane cover provides superior abrasion resistance.
§  Special construction keeps hose lightweight and flexible.
§  A special static drain element dissipates static charge.
§  Fitting options - NPT, NPSM, and JIC in plated or stainless steel - male (M) and female (F)
§  working pressure: 2500 —10000psi
§  Wide range of hose whip assemblies
§  commodity: Cleaning hose/Washer accessory/flexible hose for washer/jetting equipment
§  FULUN® sewer cleaning hoses are engineered and manufactured to be flexible and resistant to kinking and abrasion.
§  FULUN® sewer cleaning hoses are designed with a double-braided and double-bonded construction. Combined with a slick surface, FULUN® sewer cleaning hoses are manufactured for superior performance.
§  Competitively priced and built for durability, FULUN® hoses are the optimal choice for the sewer jetting and sewer cleaning industy.

FULUN® offers:

§  a large inventory for fast delivery - standard assemblies in stock.
§  Competitive prices backed with fast, knowledgeable service.
§  FULUN® also features other hoses to satisfy your needs. These hoses offer the best quality at affordable prices to ensure a long, useful product life and performance that speaks for itself.

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