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Demand for Hot Melt Hoses is growing rapidly in the high-end market

The main driving force behind the growth in demand for hot melt hoses is the development of shopping malls in emerging countries, especially in the Asia-Pacific region, Latin America and the Middle East. This is due to the accelerated development of industries in emerging countries and the rapid expansion of food processing and durable consumer goods professions.

The high-end market has pushed up the demand for hot melt hoses. The upgrade of paper products, printing products, food and beverage packaging, furniture industry machinery and sanitary products packaging machinery all increase the demand for hot melt hose. It is estimated that food will account for 43% of global sales in 2019, during which drinks will increase the fastest, with an average annual economic growth rate of 5.3%. This is not new, considering that 9 billion people will live on Earth in 2050, they all need to eat and drink.


The competition is global. Germany accounted for 34% of world transactions, with sales of 4 billion euros ($5.6 billion) in 2009, down about 25% from 2008. The United States, Russia and China are the most important export markets in Germany. By comparison, Italy exported about 900 million euros of hot melt hoses in 2010.

Paper printing packaging, food and beverage packaging, furniture industry machinery and sanitary products occupy an important position in the national economy. In the world, the proportion of investment is also very large. It is also the largest buyer of packaging machinery and its use of hot melt hose, accounting for about 60%.

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